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JIF are proud to have helped form ATMF

JIF are proud to have helped form Apparel, Textile & Manufacturers Federation. The launch of ATMF is a bold step forward for the UK garment industry.

ATMF is the only registered, independent, supplier-led trade association representing garment and textiles manufacturers in the UK. We represent 70 independent companies and, as a UK-registered Community Interest Company (CIC), we are here to collaborate and provide a voice for this important “second tier” of the UK garment industry supply chain. Though our ultimate mission is to address the needs and experiences of apparel and textile manufacturers across the UK, our initial efforts are focused on fixing the problems in Leicester that have created business and reputational damage to a once proud and thriving sector of the UK economy.

There is finally an independent forum for the voices of UK garment manufacturers and their workers to be heard in a rapidly-changing industry.

In July, ATMF was officially launched at the House of Lords and this was the first time the Leicester textile manufacturing community has been represented in the Houses of Parliament since 1928. It was great to see there was a huge interest and support for ATMF - so much so that it was a full house!

Jennifer Wascak, JD Managing Director of JIF who spoke at the amazing launch said “It was a history-making day in the UK garment industry. It was an honour for JIF to be there and receive recognition as a key player in the successful creation of supplier-led independent voice for UK garment manufacturers and their workers.”

JIF looks forward to seeing the journey and change this organisation will achieve.

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