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Justice in Fashion


With more time unlocked from our usually fast-paced lives, we have the power to achieve justice in fashion. Follow these four simple steps to take action in becoming part of this positive change.

“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

– William Wilberforce


Many of us would not have realised that there are now 4.1 million individuals employed in the fashion industry in Bangladesh who are facing a struggle for survival. With over $3 billion of cancelled orders by global brands, today is the opportunity to deepen your understanding about the human faces behind your wardrobe.

Listen here

  • How does slavery work now? BBC Beyond Today

  • Podcast Series: Stopping the Scourge of Modern Slavery HRH Princess Eugenie of York & Julia de Bionville

  • The Anti-Slavery Collective. An independent collective whose mission is to fight the global epidemic of modern slavery by convening change-makers and raising awareness. Watch their “in conversation with” series to learn more from inspirational minds in our society today.

  • The True Cost (2015). Documentary film, directed by Andrew Morgan and available on Netflix, exploring fast fashion and its links with consumerism, globalisation, capitalism, structural poverty, and oppression.


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Your voice will spark change.

Join our growing clothesline! We are actively encouraging individuals to fall back in love with long-held wardrobe items. Share your piece’s story and tag others to challenge them to do the same.

Through this, you can empower yourself to start the conversation with what you’ve discovered, educate your friends and family, and encourage others to act.

Our social media campaign aims to share knowledge and raise awareness.

We cannot stop until every garment worker who makes our clothes is seen, listened to, and working in safe conditions with fair pay. Help to achieve justice

in fashion today by becoming part of our

#clothesline campaign.


Write an email to one of your favourite brands and ask what they are doing to achieve justice in fashion. Brands and fashion retailers rely on their customers. Use your voice today to gain their attention and make clear what is important to you about the clothes you buy. You can download our email template here. 

You could ask questions such as: Are they taking responsibility to ensure that pre-ordered clothes, that were in production or already shipped, are paid for in full? Are their global supply chains free from forced labour? Are they paying their workers a fair, living wage with social protection schemes to minimise spread of COVID-19 implemented?



As consumers, we have the power to create change with everything we buy. By becoming a conscious consumer, you can use innovative tools such as the Good On You app to choose brands are transparent and ethical throughout their global supply chains. 

With the COVID-19 pandemic having caused a significant change in our everyday consumer patterns, we can use this time as a catalyst to make informed, ethical choices about the brands that we invest in.

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