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At Justice In Fashion, we firmly believe that fashion should embody fairness, equality, and sustainability.

Our mission is to combat injustices within the business model of the international garment industry and create a healthier world where workers, suppliers, communities, and our planet can thrive.

To achieve this ambitious goal, we have the privilege of collaborating with like-minded organisations, institutions, and individuals who share our devotion to justice in fashion.


At Justice In Fashion, our work impacts a broad spectrum of stakeholders, including:


Workers and Suppliers: Advocating for fair wages, safe working conditions, and respecting worker's rights to empower garment workers and suppliers.

Garment Worker Communities: Enabling sustainable development within communities surrounding garment factories, fostering economic stability, and enhancing social and mental well-being.

Governments: Collaborating with various government bodies to inform and promote policies and laws that protect workers' rights and promote ethical fashion practices.

Ecosystems within the Fashion Production Network: We are committed to cultivating a fashion ecosystem that prioritises ethics and environmental responsibility at every stage of garment production.


We are committed to forging meaningful relationships and having constructive conversations with all our partners. We want to hear your ideas, concerns, and aspirations. We believe in the power of collaboration and the strength of diverse voices working toward a common goal to bring about transformative change in the fashion industry.

JIF believe that collective action is the key to achieving lasting change.​


Collaborate with JIF

JIF works closely with academic institutions, NGO’s, government, and local communities:

Academic Institutions

Partner with us to conduct research, share knowledge through guest lectures, and develop innovative solutions to revolutionise the fashion industry.

NGOs and CICs 

Join hands with us to amplify our impact and bring about meaningful change in the fashion industry.

Local Community Organisations

We work closely with local organisations to address the specific needs of each garment worker community, ensuring customised support and long-term solutions with the help of JIF's bottom-up approach.


Become a Partner of JIF

At Justice In Fashion, financial support is the backbone of our mission to create a just and ethical fashion industry. Your contributions enable us to implement impactful projects, support communities, and advocate for a fair and ethical fashion ecosystem. By becoming a valued financial supporter, you align your brand or organisation with a movement that stands for ethics, fairness, and positive change.


Grant Support

Securing grants and funding opportunities is essential for our program's continued success and expansion. Your grants provide the resources needed to drive long-term change and create a lasting impact within the fashion industry. If you are a Justice In Fashion grant provider, partnering with us ensures that your resources are directed towards initiatives supporting ethical manufacturing practices and the rights of garment workers and suppliers.


Philanthropy Support

Philanthropy is at the heart of transformative change. We invite individuals and entities with philanthropic initiatives to join us in making a meaningful difference in the lives of garment workers and the broader fashion industry. Your philanthropic contributions are a testament to your commitment to Justice In Fashion's relentlessly working towards achieving social justice and ethical fashion.


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Join JIF's mission!

We would like to improve the lives of garment workers and their communities by identifying and addressing wealth, power, and risk imbalances across the garment industry supply chain 'in conversation with you'.

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