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An Open Letter to UK Government

Leading UK organisations for sustainable fashion and worker rights have joined forces with industry experts and activists in signing an impactful open letter addressed to the UK Prime Minister. This significant action places the plight of Leicester garment workers.

The recent BBC Panorama investigative documentary once again exposed Boohoo's unethical business practices and lack of supply chain oversight, highlighting worker exploitation in the UK fashion industry. The investigation highlighted unfair purchasing practices that lead to underpaid, harassed, and insecure jobs for workers. Similar practices have been documented in Leicester garment factories and other factories globally. Government action is needed to enforce labour rights and stop unfair purchasing practices to address this issue. Although the government has taken steps, more needs to be done.

The open letter, initiated by Labour Behind the Label, concerned policymakers, academics, and union leaders, casts a stark light on the ongoing exploitation within the UK's bustling garment sector. The letter calls for immediate government intervention to halt wage theft, unsafe working conditions, and modern slavery - issues that have marred the industry for far too long.

As a vocal signatory, JIF's endorsement of the letter is a testament to their unwavering commitment to fostering a garment trade that respects the dignity and rights of every worker. The alliance seeks the establishment of a Garment Trading Adjudicator to ensure fair play and transparency, akin to the role the Groceries Code Adjudicator plays within the food retail sector.

The open letter is not just a call to action but a blueprint for reform, providing concrete recommendations that pave the way for a sustainable and ethical fashion industry in the UK. By standing in solidarity with the workers in Leicester, JIF and fellow signatories underscore the urgency for change.

This alliance and the subsequent government response have the potential to undoubtedly set a precedent for the global fashion industry, underscoring the UK's potential role as a leader in ethical fashion. JIF's participation in this initiative highlights our commitment to advocating for systemic change and our dedication to the principles of justice and sustainability within the fashion industry.

For more information on the open letter and to understand the measures proposed for transforming the UK garment industry into a model for ethical trade, download the full version of the open letter below.

An Open Letter to UK Government
Download PDF • 1.23MB

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